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Here in the capital , we have so many english clubs around town. What they all have in common is to help people who wants to improve and practice their english. Personally, I’m a very active member of ICE CLUB ( I‘m Crazy about English). Our club has alot of different interesting activities. I’m going to talk about another english club that I interviewed.

I had a chance to meet ANDRIAMANDROSOMAHALAZA Njato ; RANDRIATIANA Francia; RAKOTOMANANTSOA Justin; ANDRIANARIVELO Fabrice who are active members of MLEC ( Municipal Library English Club) .

Their club had been created 10 yrs ago; which is impressive. That the club is still going strong. They have around 40 to 50 official members; varied in all ages , occupations. They hold their meeting every Monday and Thursday 12:30 til 2 p.m. As they said the difference about them is that their club is divided into comities: Tourism comity; Youth Social Comity; Fundraising Comity. So if you want to join their club, you have to choose a comity. Like all other clubs , they have other activities like camping; picnics,…… etc. There membership fee is 4 000 Ar for newcomers, and 3 000 Ar/ semester for those already members.

I had a great time chatting with them. They were very cool and talkative. I think it’s great that many people now ; are eager to learn and speak english. As english clubs , all of us are unique in our own ways. We should come together and become a huge family .

Joining a club is very important. It makes you a better person and you can make new friends. I never regretted it and encourage all of you who likes the english language to join any english clubs of your choice.

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